26 July 2014

Third Album On Its Way...

I have admittedly been talking about a third solo album for a while now, but am delighted to report that it has at last moved on from mere fanciful notion to a real live recording in progress and will hopefully be finished towards the end of the summer, ready for release early 2015.

1 July 2013

RM Hubbert wins SAY Award 2013 with 'Thirteen Lost & Found'

We were all delighted with the news that RM Hubbert (or Hubby as his friends call him) was the winner of this year’s Scottish Album of The Year Award with his last album ‘Thirteen Lost & Found’. Working with him on our track ‘Half Light’ has been one of the highlights of recent years and I’ve absolutely loved performing it with him as often as we’ve been able ever since.

With collaborators including Aidan Moffat, Alasdair Roberts, Hanna Tuulikki and Luke Sutherland to name but a few, it is a very special album full to the brim with the most diverse of voices but always grounded by the unique sound that is Hubby’s exquisite guitar playing.

If you don’t already own a copy, get yourself to Chemikal Underground’s online shop and sort it out right now!

You won’t be disappointed.

4 October 2012

New Joint EP with RM Hubbert Out Now!!

After a hugely enjoyable joint headline acoustic tour in September, which entailed many a wrong turn and conversation on computers and anything else of a remotely geeky nature, RM Hubbert and I are happy to inform you that the joint EP that we recorded for said tour, is now available on the Chemikal Underground website for a mere £6.50 & P&P!

The EP is limited to only 300 copies so best move fast…


1. Half Light (RM Hubbert, Emma Pollock and Rafe Fitzpatrick)
2. The Night Is Heavy (Emma Pollock featuring Adem)
3. SG-666 (RM Hubbert)
4. Dark Skies (Emma Pollock, strings arranged by Malcolm Lindsay)
5. Elliot (RM Hubbert, Luke Sutherland)
6. Mo Ve’la Bella Mia De La Muntagna (RM Hubbert, Emma Pollock & Alasdair Roberts

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